Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Viva La Raza!

Well back to the grind. Mexico was a really fun time, and I'll share some stories and what not, I just bought guitar hero world tour on Monday, and just working at school. Oh and before I review the past week, with student elections around the corner check my blog from March 2008 about the elections, probably still the best things I have written on paper or blog.

Well Mexico was very interesting and had some real thought provoking moments, and some funny ones as well. We left Salt Lake, ( My sister and her husband, the missionary that baptized my new stepfather?? (first time I have ever used that term in speech or writing) and I). I really like airports and the idea of everyone going somewhere and having some type of purpose. When I got to the airport, I set the tone of the trip for me... being fidgety... for some reason I was so hectic and ADD all weekend. I didn't mind it to much but I could see where it would come off as a little odd to people watching me. So the instant I got in the airport I decided I had to have Quizno's. There was no way around it, so I immediately went to my gate and found everyone else there, and quickly made a flight for some steak sub! So I got back and asked Dana if she had gotten my mom a present, she said no and I suggested we get see's candy. So we were sitting talking and I wanted to play B.S.!! So I made everyone else play. Then it was time to go to Phoenix and we got in line, but when the missionary kid and I were waiting to board, I decided I HAD!!! to go buy a copy of ESPN the magazine like that instant!!! So I went and got it and was one of the last people to make the plane. We landed and got into our motel. Now apparently there were some sort of drug wars going on between law enforcement and the drug cartels. So while we were there, every parking lot was stationed by a mexican guard, as well as trucks that would drive around full of mexican soldiers and their guns... it was pretty weird.

So the next day we went throught the temple and Nestor and my mom were sealed, and we went and ate at a Mexican buffet. It was really fun and a very neat meshing of family and culture. I remember when all the girls were dancing together tosome mexican song and it was really neat. I am very happy for Nestor to be a part of the family. He is a very good guy and I could see the whole time that he cared very much for my mother as well as everyone else that was there. We spent the rest of the day hanging out until later, me, my sister and her husband, and the missionary that baptized Nestor all went to Walmart. Again I was really frenetic, walking around the whole place, and found some lady that was selling some tres leches cake!! I love that stuff! So I was looking at the price and converting it back into dollars from pesos when the lady (all in spanish) asked if I wanted some. I said of course and she cut me a big slice! I told everyone else and we all ate some. Then we walked away for a minute, and I decided I might want to buy some... So i went back and my plans immediately changed when she gave me another piece for free!!!! We think the mexican lady thought I was cute, and I am more then willing to use my dashing looks for free food at Mexican Walmart.

We went home the next day and I again was way frantic!! I decided I wanted starbucks while waiting in line to board, then when we were in the next airport I HAD to watch the Laker game~ so i left everyone behind and got to the chilis before everyone else, but then they would only sit me by a tv with nascar on it... BLEH!!! When I asked them if they could change one of the two NASCAR tvs right in front of my face they said if they changed one it would change them all....????????????? That was clearly nonsense, but I was forced to not watch it, after some more starbucks and another connecting flight we made it home.

So I bought guitar hero world tour and it is fun I like the songs a lot, and it is definitely entertaining. Not much else new this week, I turn 24 in six days (weird) and Cori gets home this week! That should be really fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gonna do better...

Wow!! A new blog post. I added a new friend on facebook today and saw that his blog posts were huge!! His blog was very insightful, and it was clear he had spent a lot of time recording his life. I would like to improve on writing and recording my thoughts. In the past, one of the reasons that I stopped writing was recording negative feelings in writing. I just don't like to focus on negative feelings much less record them, and beyond that I don't always feel comfortable sharing everything with people. So I would like to improve on that.

Well, this past six weeks, and really this whole school year has been very difficult for me. I broke up with Shannon, when I still loved her, when I thought that things wouldn't work out, my mom has gotten married to someone I can't say I know very well, she also has a seemingly mild form of cancer, I am having a difficult semester of school, knowing that I soon will have to find a job and become a full fledged member of the working force. I have felt like I have been going through this alone at times, not asking for help from the lord. That is something that has been on my mind lately, is that I haven't lived through a truly difficult time of my life yet. The past eighteen months or so have definitely been the most trying. A key element in overcoming hard things has to be your testimony, and I want to use it more, I know I make it harder on myself without the lord's help. I have learned from experience that sometimes we receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. This has been a tough pill to swallow, but I look forward to the strengthening of my own testimony. I think I am mostly writing right now in order to have feelings and thoughts to remember from this time.

I wonder what it would be like to be in my mother's position. Divorced after 23 years of marriage, trying to start a new career and family at the same time, having to have enough confidence in your new marriage to be able to stand strong with your opinions. Although I have some very different outlooks on the gospel and people then my mother, her sturdiness and stability in how she lives the gospel is a great example to me. I am leaving on Friday to go down to Mexico to see my mother sealed. LOL it makes me laugh a little my family the way it is. Sometimes things don't come close to the way we predict. Her husbands name is Nestor, an my mom's new name is Osuna. Quite a change. Nestor is a very nice man who has an eleven year old daughter Melissa. He is 39?? About ten years younger then my mom, which doesn't bother me at all. He is not yet a citizen in America, but I am eager to welcome him into our family. He is a great cook too! I am happy my mom will not have to be alone, and hopefully will have someone that she can share her joys and trials with, and have as an example in living the gospel.

I had a good weekend, Jordan had a "TV shower", I received the following text friday. "You are cordially invited to celebrate the arrival of my newest addition. He came to me weighing 80.7 pounds and measuring 52 inches." So he had pizza and rock band at his place. Oh I love laughing... Earlier I went to the ward party, had a nap, went for a drive worked, and such it was great!

Well I think I am done, I hope to write at least once a week!! Hooray for goals!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Tired

I wrote this message to myself in my Financial Management class notes.

Stock Stuff….
I just feel real tired today. Sorry if these notes are lame future Adam…

Oh well, hey I heard the Lakers won their series. Too bad I don't remember who they played. Maybe I'll remember... one day.

Word to yo mutha

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dealing with Bother

You know who is lame? Those kids that promote student elections. They annoy me so much. They tell me to vote for someone I've never heard of, for issues I don't care about (not even acknowledging their lack of ability to change issues), and ruin my peaceful walks in between classes.

For those of you with the same problem, I have derived a fool proof method of defusing their campaigning in ten words.

Tell them,"If you talk to me, I'm not voting for you."

Case 1: I told this to Amanda and Steele's patrons earlier today and the boy smiled and gave me a thumbs up. He assumed that I would vote for his candidates and felt he had accomplished his work. HA! Fat chance! There is now way I am voting for a girl, with MAN hiding inside of her, and some sort of mispelled building material.

Case 2: Chance and Adam maybe? I don't remember what their name was, since I don't practice nepotism even in politics, I won't be voting for them either. But they accosted me out side of the Tanner Building and I used my foolproof formula. However this weiner boy did ot take me seriously. He tried to explain the platform of his candidates. Right now there is probably tension in your mind, thinking, but Adam, you said ten words! Surely, in order to respond you will have to exceed your self-imposed limit of ten words. Here in lies the beauty of my dealing with bother. I merely pointed a finger at him, and gave him a warning look that all to clearly had insinuated that he had just lost my vote. He looked crestfallen, and on the inside I rejoiced.

I think most possible scenarios can be defused with the previous two cases as a guideline, let me know of any flaws/success stories you have!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Living the Good Life

Well, I am not quite sure what I want to talk about right now. It has been awhile and a lot has happened so I suppose we weill just see where this goes.

So first things first, I have a girlfriend! Girlfriend might be understating it... I have someone who I care about a bunch and who improves me each day. So I suppose I should write the whole story...

So on Jan 26 I had a date lined up for that night. Fortunately (normally this is a case where you would say unfortunately) my date could not go to the second half of the planned date. This sent me into scramble mode to try and find someone immediately! So I went over to Gabe's and we scavenged through the ward directory, me being a determined vulture, Gabe being my voice of reason (STEEEEOOOOOORRRRTTTTSSSSSSS, Newman...) hahaha. So any my rush through the ward directory I noticed a girl that I had never seen before, who has requested to remain nameless at the moment. I will refer to her as Bella. Bella was really pretty and I made it a mental note to find out who she was. I continued that day, finding a date and having a good time with each of the two people.

The next sunday, I saw Bella again! She was walking to church and looked really pretty! I told her that I liked her shoes. I had done it!! I talked to this girl from the ward directory, and upgraded myself from a mystery to her, to someone she may have had a vague recollection of! Watch out world!

That night, I think I stalked her into a couple different apartments during munch and mingle. Then I talked to her again! Yes!! She told me about how she worked at BYU in their study abroad department. She also talked about how she was taking the GMAT this week and was a little nervous. I offered my services to her, and dropped off some ice cream during the week, and wished her well on her test.

(I think I should add a disclaimer that I still have a lot to type and things might be a little mushy from here on out.)

The following Saturday rolled around and Barney, Keith, and I were watching sports all day. Literally, we watched the BYU basketball game and then went to cafe rio so we could watch the Jazz game that night as well. We decided that we should go on a group date that night with our roomates and Gabe. I immediately wanted to ask out Bella, and called her on the phone.
The transcript over the phone is as follows.
Adam: Hi is Bella there?
Bella: This is her.
Adam: Hi, it's me Adam Murphy (I adopted this tactic from you James, stating your first and last names immediately after calling someone minimizes the chance that they will mistake you for someone else, or even worse not associate you with anyone they know.)
how are you?
Bella: I am good.
Adam: to myself in the back of my head this is where we are supposed to ask her out.
YOU want to go to the movies with us?
Bella: Yes, (at this point I can't remember anything that she said, I just remember being relieved and excited.)

Soooo we went and saw the Golden Compass, which has been covered extensively in my peers' blogs. And we just have gone from there! I held her hand Tuesday February 5 and we have been official as of Sunday February 10. I am way pleased with where things are. I don't want to get too personal or anything but I did want to share one experience I really thought was cool.

So Wednesday I had to go to work and supervise intramural tennis. Usually this is one of the easiest jobs on campus I can imagine. It takes about five minutes per hour, during which I make one check mark and write the names of the winners down on a single sheet of paper. During the down time I can study at my own leisure and really do whatever. Sounds easy eh? Will when I got there at six o'clock on Wednesday, the courts were all being used by the Boise State women;s team. After a lot of confusin and about 30 phone calls I had to cancel the matches that had been scheduled and explain to the sixteen couples that they wouldnt be able to play today. Most of the people were very understanding, a few made it a little more stressful, and I jsut wanted it ot be over. I just thought about seeing Bella that night and I felt way more relaxed. The night was hectic all night and I just needed a break. Well Bella, k I am tired of typing bella, SHANNON picked me up from work and we spent the remainder of the night watching Nacho Libre!! It was sweet! Just what I needed. I was way grateful for someone that I could just count on to keep me calm. It is such a blessing to have someone that can take away all the stress from your life. It is refreshing to be with someone that you can improve yourself with. Just one more thing and I swear I'll be done. I just wanted to follow up with my very first blogs, talking about communication. Shannon is easily the easiest person to talk to after only knowing her such a shortwhile. I think that is the biggest area in which I have seen improvement already is communciation.

Well that was a bunch and I still haven't updated too much on life itself. I apologize for being one dimensional but it is time for bed!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I think one of my favorite things about life is having rivals. I may not appear to be too overtly competitive, but I really enjoy having people that are nemesis. I have an example. So all of my classes are way far from each other. I go from the Richards building up the endless stair too the basement of the JFSB or to the end of the JSB then too the seventh floor of the Tanner building, any way I am rushing to class and am never aided by professors. Each of my professors suffers from the superiority complex that they have the most important thing to say to you at that instant. Soooo stemming from this situation a rival developed.

So there is this cute girl that I like to sit by in my old testament class. I hustle out of my volleyball class tuesdays and thursdays and sprint up the stupid stairs and then traverse over to the JSB. Now on tuesdays I have no problem getting into our seats in the back and life is enjoyable. Thursdays, not so much. (K I think I need to put a disclaimer in here that I do not really hate this person at all) Thursdays, I show up and someone is always in my seat! And not a different someone the same someone!! She is a nice, pregnant student who can probably only attend one of the two classes a week. I know not her name nor her origin, I do know where she sits on Thursdays. So this last thursday, I figured I would beat this soon-to-be mother at her own game, sitting in that seat I like on Thursdays. So sometimes I shower after volleyball, not this day! I perfectly made sure I put forth minimal effort in class to prevent the need to shower. Normally, I get a drink after volleyball. Drink?!?!? And waste a full minute hydrating? Pointless! Normally I wait for this girl outside the lockerroom after volleyball. This Thursday! HA! Never! I was going to smoke this young woman. I gathered my stuff after not putting the volleyball awayduring class even though I was the one who had it in his hands when class ended. I changed in record time, and passed like 75 people on the steps. I felt like a real athlete. I hastily walked to the JSB not stopping once. I entered 178 in the JSB with a flourish!!! Not only was the seat unoccupied, but the cute girl was already there! That woman and her developing child were no match for me!!! I rejoiced in the moment for awhile and waited to see the face of the lady when she had been hoodwinked out of her spot!! HEHEHEHHEHEHE She entered with a flourish looking tired, and well looking for a seat!! HAHAHA look over here m'am!! I am in your seat!! Take that! You were once so proud, ooking down at me with disdain from your throne of the rear of the class, boasting your successful relationship that was soon to yield a child, waving the fact that I don't even have a girlfriend yet!! You were so cruel, now your day o comeuppance has arrived. In the words of Ralphy from A Christmas Story, "Alright Pregnant lady( He actually says Black Bart, we'll assume he would agree with my stance), now you get yours. And then something happened. As she entered the class there were really no more seats left! There was one at the very inside of a row, but she was in no condition! OH! How my winning glory faded! How I felt the pangs of a shameful, abominable victory!! The act of all of the students moving for the pregnant lady was so notable that the professor even noted it before he started his lecture. Fortunately he neglected to proclaim the savage manner in which I had pilfered the seat from this young woman.

I had a lot of fun typing that, I have moments like these where I get so caught up I just end up doing something silly. Sometimes I think that I am a nice guy, then I slip up and make life worse for pregnant people. HAHA oh well! Please do not judge me, I plan to let that woman sit in her seat forevermore. So it is almost four a.m. I should probably wrap it up.

Oh one more thing, I think I crafted my best facebook status ever, it is up currently let me know what you think and rebuke me for light mindedness if necessary.